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Birthday Blog

Why, yes it’s my birthday! So, today I blog. Another year wiser or so I think. Funny thing is about your birthday it’s your day to do what you want. Today, I choose to run the day at my pace making sure my needs are met first as they should be.   Listening to the quiet sounds of the morning reflecting on life and where I want to be. Sometimes just taking stock is the best present one can give to themselves. Cheers to being reflective!


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Pink Flowers


There’s something so reassuring about the Earth when needing a moment of grounding it’s there for you. It asks for nothing but sunshine, water and room to grow. This week I was reminded how important to allow one’s own individual growth. We can only control our own actions. While weeds may grow around us we have the ability to remove them. Not always a perfect process but complete with so many beautiful moments. May we always remember those beautiful moments.

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The Garden Party Show Podcast 5/15/16

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The Garden Party 5/8/16 podcast


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Making Time For…………………..


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The Garden Party Show 4/24/16 Podcast


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Earth Day Facts That Will Inspire You To Make A Difference This Year

Great article I am sharing by Karen Belz.

Earth Day is a magical day, where we make a point to stop being totally lazy and actually throw our soda cans in the correct bin. While this day was incredibly fun when we were kids, it’s nice to know that big Earth Day events still happen every year on April 22 — and since helping keep our planet in tip-top shape is super important (and something we should be doing daily, of course), it’s probably good to brush up on our knowledge with a few thought-provoking Earth Day facts that’ll make you well aware of why we continue to celebrate each year.

First, let’s discuss the Earth Day basics. The very first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, and was put together by a Senator — Wisconsin’s Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson, to be specific. Nelson was very passionate about pushing an environmental agenda, and made this clear when he was elected back in 1962. Making people aware of the environmental impact that they had was a tough gig, so he decided to dedicate a full day to people giving back, choosing the 22nd since it was a day that many students, especially college students, could volunteer, based on their academic schedule. Nelson also made sure that the day didn’t fall on any major religious holidays, so that people could be fully focused on the mission of Earth Day.

Before you volunteer on Earth Day, it’s probably important to learn why. Here are a few facts, many numerical, about why Earth Day is an extremely important holiday to observe.

1. The average American often tosses away 4.5 pounds of garbage daily.

Major Waste Disposal estimates that the amount of garbage we toss, all together, on a daily basis, would fill 63,000 garbage trucks. This is why it’s super important to reduce, reuse, and recycle — recycling helps us create more space, and make the most out of our materials and resources. Earth Day definitely pushes recycling, reminding us why it’s important to take a second and put our garbage in the bins where it’d make the most difference.

2. Earth Day didn’t take long to catch on.

In fact, 20 million people took part in the Earth Day activities of 1970, storming the streets to protest the industrial revolution. Unlike other starter holidays, people seemed psyched to celebrate it loud and proud. It’s so big, that the Earth Day Network formed right around the same time, and currently works with 196 countries to help improve the environment.

3. It takes about a thousand years for plastic bottles to naturally break down.

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The Garden Party Show 4/17/16 podcast


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The Perks of Being a Dork

According to a piece written by Ollie Lindholm there are some perks to being a dork:

Dorks have found the courage to be themselves. They care about what others think, but they still manage to embrace who they truly are. Let’s face it. We’re all misfits who’ve been trained to fit in. Lucky for us that training sometimes fails. Our job is to make it fail. Again and again.

How can you be more brave? 

You pursue your interests. No, interests is too weak. You obsess about your passions. You find what makes you tick and you explore it with all your heart, without any fear for rejection.

You don’t let the critics get to you (and trust me, there will always be critics, otherwise you’re doing something wrong).

You don’t get too attached to a certain outcome. You’re not in it for the applause; you’re in it for the journey.

When people ask: “What’s your favourite TV show?” You reply: “Glee” or “Star Trek” or whatever geeky answer that’s dying to come out.

You don’t choose the safe option, such as “How I Met Your Mother” or “The Simpsons” because that wouldn’t let people in on the whole story of who you are and what you like.

Dork Perk 2: Make new friends

Stop hiding your dorkier side. You’re not making anyone any favours, least of all yourself. 

You can skip the mask. Everybody knows it’s fake.  You’re only holding it up so you can satisfy the approval of a selected few. You don’t need their approval. They’re not worth the hassle. Let them go. You need better friends.

You’re censoring yourself and you’re therefore limiting your own experience of the world. You’re hiding from your true self. What’s the point in that? What’s needed for you to step outside of your comfort zone and tell people what you really like?

Funnily enough, all you need is another dork.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, finding your fellow dorks has never been easier. You can connect with others on social media, forums, blogs (like this one!) or membership sites… The opportunities are endless. And the truth is that the power of the masses is slowly dying, leaving room for the inner dork to reach out and create.

The end result? You make new friends.  Good friends. The very best of friends who care about you and like you for who you are. At the end of the day, you want to send a message that’s saying:

“Here I am. This is me and this is what I like. Care to join me?”

I’m not saying that it’s easy being a dork. But it’s fun and you get to meet some fantastic people along the way. People who inspire you and challenge you in ways you never thought possible.

More importantly, dorky friends help you see the world in a different light. You learn that you can change the world by bending the rules.

To learn more perks on being a dork go to:

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